2/17/2019-Great Bend Boom 4 Bakersfield Blues 3

This game was played on 2/17/2019 at Sam Lynn Ballpark.

Great Bend Boom 4 Bakersfield Blues 3 Sean Kiley pitched 8 innings allowing 2 runs while striking out 11 Curran Lyons pitched the ninth inning allowing 1 run and getting a bases loaded strikeout to end the game.

Nate Thompson went 2-4 for Bakersfield with a run scored. Jonathan Vance pitched 4 scoreless innings for Bakersfield. Jonny Ramirez pitched 2 scoreless innings for Bakersfield. David Peterson allowed 4 runs in 2 innings for Bakersfield. Colin Kelly pitched a scoreless 9th inning for Bakersfield.

With the win Great Bend moves into 2nd place with a record of 2-2. With the loss Bakersfield drops into last place at 1-3.